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My interests are multidisciplinary and therefore span a range of different research areas that are described below. I am interested in collaboration or supervision associated with any of the the following research areas:

Choice Architecture

  • How are people’s preferences influenced when aggregating potential savings over a large number of people? For example, expressing the potential savings from use of an efficient lightbulb aggregated over an entire city.
  • How are people’s preferences influenced when a single product characteristic (e.g., fuel economy) is represented by multiple translated attributes (e.g., fuel consumed, cost of fuel, carbon emissions)?

Goals and Motivation

  • Do people consume more when loyalty program rewards are determined probabilistically?
  • Are people more motivated to work when rewards are determined probabilistically?
    • Collaborators: Ananta Neelim, Katarina Dankova, José María Ortíz Gómez.
  • What motivates people to over-invest in capacity (e.g., car size)?
  • What motivates people to invest resources into keeping options open even when they cannot use all available options?

Choices Under Risk and Uncertainty

  • How can people be nudged towards making more appropriate retirement investment decisions?
  • Does the way you learn about information – from a summary description or acquired from the personal experience – influence your degree of overconfidence?
  • How does a product recall influence the way people make related purchases?
  • What mathematical model can best capture how decision-makers integrate experiences into mental representations that can subsequently be used to make probability judgement and form preferences?  Collaborators: Guy HawkinsBen Newell, and Scott Brown.

 Pro-social Marketing

Word of Mouth