Jan 05 2018

Presented at the SCP Boutique Conference in Sydney

This week I was fortunate to be one of the few to participate in the Society for Consumer Psychology Boutique Conference on Vice and Virtue Consumption. One of the great things about small conferences – this one had less than 120 attendees – is that you get a lot more interaction with people. I find that conversations …

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Jan 02 2018

Excited to start a new position at the University of Technology Sydney

Today I started my new position as a senior lecturer of consumer psychology in the marketing department of the University of Technology Sydney. My new office is located in the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building,  pictured in the background, which was designed by master-architect  Frank Gehry. The building’s design is based on the idea of a tree-house structure …

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Dec 08 2017

Presented at ANZMAC in Melbourne

This week my school hosted the Australia & New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC). My colleague and friend, Dr. Linda Robinson, lead in the organisation of the conference, which included more than 400 delegates. The doctoral colloquium ran for two days and the main conference ran for three days. Organising this event required many hands-on …

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Nov 14 2017

Presented at SJDM in Vancouver

I slowly made my way up the US west coast from San Diego, CA to Eugene, OR before catching a flight to complete the journey to Vancouver, Canada to attend the 38th Annual Conference of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making. Along the way I stopped at Huntington Beach, Los Angeles (highlight: Griffiths Observatory), Santa Barbara, Hearst …

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Nov 05 2017

Presented at ACR in San Diego

I attended the 2017 annual meeting for the Association for Consumer Research, which was held in San Diego between 26-29 October, 2017. I attended an interesting pre-tenure workshop as well as many other interesting talks. It was great to see old friends and make some new ones. I presented a talk called “Consumer Underestimation of …

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Oct 10 2017

New article out on how economics and behavioural economics perceive risk

My colleague, Professor Rob Hoffmann, invited me to co-write an article with him about risk and how it is perceived by behavioural economics compared to traditional economics. In order to write the piece, we collected a stack of references on a range of topics including definitions of risk, risk perception of different events, cross-cultural differences in risk …

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Sep 30 2017

New paper out on measuring the perceived benefits of sharing content

This week I am happy to report that my PhD student, Ashleigh Powell, whom I co-supervise with Angela Dobele and Con Stavros, published her first paper, “Developing a scale for the perceived social benefits of sharing“. The perceived social benefit of sharing scale (PBSS) can be used to measure the benefits people perceive in sharing content …

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Aug 22 2017

Had a great experience in Denmark attending UNLEASH and working on solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals

I have just returned from Denmark as a participant in the first UNLEASH innovation lab. The purpose of the nine-day event was to create real, scalable solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals. Here is a link to an article I wrote prior to attending: A Nudge Towards Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The massive event brought …

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Nov 01 2016

Thanks for the hospitality Center for Adaptive Rationality

Today I took advantage of Ralph Hertwig’s long-standing offer to come and visit the Center for Adaptive Rationality at the Max Planck Institute of Human Development. The last time I visited the Institute was way back in 2000 for a summer school. I have fond memories. For example, I remember watching an epic soccer match in which Germany lost …

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Oct 21 2016

Thanks for the hospitality Goethe University!

Simone Wies invited me to Goethe University in Frankfurt to spend some time with the marketing folk for a few days. It was fun to briefly relive our shared office experience (although, I must point out that Simone’s current office space is more than twice that of our old combined office spaces at Duke, and it includes a mini table …

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