The Doctor of Decision-making in action

I am available for media interviews on topics where I have some knowledge. Below is a selection of media interactions I have had.

Can We Trust Online Reviews?

2018-02-02: I spoke about the fake online reviews (and restaurants!) with Melinda James on her ABC Illawarra breakfast program.

2017-04-05: I spoke about the extent to which you can believe online reviews with Jon Faine on his 774 ABC Melbourne morning program [listen], and also with Ali Clarke on her 891 ABC Adelaide morning program [listen]

2017-05-30: I spoke about online reviews with Kelly Higgins-Devine on her 612 ABC Brisbane afternoon program [listen] [article].

How Can People Make Better Decisions?

I featured on ABC radio News National’s The Science Show discussing how we make decisions and how these decisions might be improved. [link] [listen] [transcript]

Over-Confidence: Helpful or Hindrance?

I was invited to 2ser, a community radio station in Sydney, to discuss the topic of overconfidence. [link]

Human Irrationality

I spoke to Red Symons on 774 ABC Melbourne radio about human irrationality. [link]

Preference Construction

I spoke at the Australia Council for the Arts 2015 Marketing Summit on preference construction and how things go viral. [link]

What is the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions?

This very well produced video introduces the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions: who the researchers are (including yours truly), and the fascinating issues that we study. [link] [watch]

What is “Choice Architecture”?

The first half of this video summarizes the concept of choice architecture with accompanying visuals to help bring home the message.  The second half of this video summarizes some work that I have been doing on translating attributes together with Richard Larrick, Christoph Ungemach, Elke Weber, and Eric Johnson. [watch] [transcript]

How Can Marketers Use Information Design?

In this video, I talk about how marketers can make better use of information design to add value for consumers. [watch]