Biggest Life Decisions Project

After years of studying how people make relatively small decisions in common situations, I have become fascinated with how people make the biggest decisions in life.

I began the “Biggest Life Decisions” Project by speaking with strangers on a tour bus in Israel, then systematically collected thousands of stories about people’s most important decisions, and then building the website where visitors can explore the findings and contribute to the project.

The graphic to the right shows the list of the most common big life decisions mentioned by those I have interviewed. The decisions fall into 9 categories and 58 sub-categories.


You can read about my investigation of Life’ Biggest Decisions at my blog at Psychology Today. Here is a list of the current and forthcoming articles:

  1. What are Life’s Biggest Decisions?
  2. When do Life’s Biggest Decisions Happen?
  3. How to Make a Good Big Life Decision?
  4. How Good Are You at Predicting Your Big Life Decisions?
  5. Which Big Life Decisions Lead to Long-term Happiness?
  6. What are Life’s Biggest Decisions … and Regrets?