Life is filled with choices: Spouse. Hairstyle. Career. TV Shows. Investments. Sports teams. Foods. Health care plans. Cars. Political orientations. Credit cards… Faced with such a myriad of decisions, I have always wondered why do we make the choices we do? 

This basic question fuels my research, which exists at the intersection between psychology, marketing, management, and economics.

I am a consumer, cognitive, and organisational psychologist with specific expertise in the field of behavioural decision-making and the use of experimental methods. I received my undergraduate and postgraduate training at the University of New South Wales. I received my postdoctoral training at Duke University.

Currently, I am working as a senior lecturer (i.e., assistant professor) in the marketing group at the University of Technology Sydney. Here is a link to my official staff page. I am an affiliated member of the RMIT Behavioural Business Lab and Columbia University’s Center for Research on Environmental Decisions.

If you’re interested in starting a collaboration, visiting, working in my research lab, becoming a research student, or just interested in talking about human decision-making, then please contact me.